Choosing a group home in Arizona can be a daunting and difficult process for families and seniors alike. With the help of a senior placement agency in the Scottsdale area, like Integrity Senior Placements, can help you find a group home that fits your needs and preferences.

The first main consideration is the location of the group home. You want to choose a home in a nice, safe area where you can easily visit your loved ones. Make sure it is in close proximity to family and loved ones, as well as easily visitable.

Size of group homes is another important factor. Where will your family member be most comfortable? Would they prefer a smaller home or a place where they can meet lots of new people and participate in lots of activities?

Available services are also another important factor. Some of these services are essential, of course, while others are intended to enhance the quality of life. These may be meal and dining services, which can make a huge difference in overall satisfaction. There should be options for specific dietary needs or restrictions, nutritious snacks, assistance with eating and drinking, if necessary. Also, great group homes have residents play a role in planning services available to them. Specialized health care services, like a specialized dementia unit, should be available.

Staffing is another important thing to consider. Staff members should have positive attitudes, expertise, and conduct themselves professionally. Check to see if staff has easy access to continued education or training. Also, check with administrators to ensure that no staff members have a history of mistreatment or neglect of patients. A licensed nurse should be available at all hours, everyday, and a registered nurse should be available at least eight hours everyday. It is important to make sure nurses and assistants will work well with you and your loved ones. A group home with a high turnover rate is usually a red flag because this means there are underlying problems. Also, find out how long the directors of nursing, food, and social services departments have been working there. If they change often, this could indicate problems as well.

Having choices and independence is another important factor as this has a major impact on quality of life. These can be choices about food, activities, rooms, and anything that affects their day-to-day life.

Consider what other factors are important to you and your loved one, such as nursing care, physical therapy, religious affiliations, hospice care, or specialized care. It helps to talk to friends and family members to see if they have suggestions about specific facilities in your area. Also, are there waiting lists? Handicap access?

It is recommended to visit the facility without calling ahead as well and visiting during different times.

There are also lots of seemingly small details to take into account when looking for the perfect assisted living facility. Is the space well-lit, clean and welcoming? How are the diagnostic treatment facilities or bathing facilities? How is bathing handled? Are transportation services available? The staff to resident ratio is also important to note to ensure your loved ones do not experience neglect or inadequate care.

Know that the centers for Medicare and Medicaid require that each state inspects any group home that gets money from the government. Group homes that don’t pass inspection are not medicare or medicaid certified. Aks to see inspection reports and certification.

There are many, many factors to consider when choosing a group home, clearly. Use a senior placement company in Scottsdale, like Integrity Senior Placements, to ensure that your considerations and expectations are met when placing a loved one in a long-term care facility.

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