Putting a loved one in a Phoenix, Arizona group home is not an easy task at all. For many, it’s a complicated and difficult decision to make, with lots of intense emotions accompanying it. Working with a senior placement company in Phoenix, like Integrity Senior Placement, can make the technical aspect of making that decision a little easier.

Feeling guilty and upset by the decision to transfer a loved one to a group home is not unusual. In fact, guilt is an extremely common emotion felt by family caregivers, and most of them experience it at one point or another. It’s a difficult decision to make that comes with an extreme amount of pressure to consider all factors and make the best decision for your family members. When looking for a family member’s living arrangements, anxiety and fear are very normal, as is self-doubt. Even considering the idea of transferring a mother or father to a group home can invoke these feelings.

However, beating yourself up or letting anxiety overcome you is not the best way to handle it. There are some things you can keep in mind to cope with this transition.

First, understand that this is not your fault. Your loved one’s illness or decline has nothing to do with you. Second, remember that professional care is often a necessary step. You probably are not qualified or don’t have the resources needed to continue taking care of your loved one. And that’s okay.

Acknowledge the fact that you are doing your best. It is not easy to take care of a grandparent or aging parent at all. You are doing your best.

Understand your options and be realistic about them.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember is that if your loved ones are cared for well, then you are doing what is best for them. Let the group home staff do their jobs.

While this transition can be nerve working for family members and seniors alike, remembering these things can help you cope and make this change a little easier. By working with senior placement organizations in Phoenix, like Integrity Senior Placement, this transition can be made as easy and guilt-free as possible.

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