Nurses play a fundamental role in the quality of any Scottsdale, Arizona senior living facility. They are the main staff members that residents interact with, so it is important to know their roles in each facility. With a Scottsdale senior placement company, like Integrity Senior Placement, you can know that you or your loved ones will be in a facility with quality nurses who will make you comfortable and well cared for.

The main job of any nurse in a senior living facility is to take care of the needs of patients. They must ensure that patients receive proper nutrition, maintain hygiene, and have clean spaces. Different nurses may have different or more advanced responsibilities.

There are usually three levels of nurses in group homes: nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses.

The first tier of nurses is the nursing assistant. They may also be referred to as nursing aids, CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistant) or STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant). They carry out the basic tasks under the direction of LPN’s. This would include caring for residents’ personal hygiene, like brushing their teeth, bathing, combing hair, changing their clothes or shaving. They may also assist residents who need help going to the bathroom, change bedpans, and empty catheters. In addition to these tasks, some nursing assistants may maintain medical records, ensure dietary needs are met, help prevent bedsores, collect samples, and assist with transporting patients. They are required to be state-certified. There are certain tasks they cannot carry out, including administering medicine or supplying IV medicines. They also cannot start an IV.

Above nursing assistants are LPN’s, or Licensed Practical Nurses. LPN’s work under the supervision of RN’s and perform many of the same tasks as nursing assistants. In addition to those tasks, they also monitor respiration, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, and heart rates. They may also be responsible for tasks such as inserting catheters, treating bedsores, giving injections, administering medications, changing bandages, and sometimes, developing plans of care for patients. The LPN may work alongside an RN, or independently, depending on the facility. If there are problems, the LPN reports them to the RN.

The highest level of nurse in these facilities is the Registered Nurse. The RN usually has more education than LPN’s and nursing assistants. RN’s oversee all the activities of the entire nursing staff. Rather than focusing on patients’ immediate needs, they oversee the patients’ overall health and medical histories. They are responsible for more advanced tasks, like starting IV infusions, administering oxygen, monitoring blood sugar levels, and consulting with physicians. If an RN is the designated Head Nurse, they may also make schedules, designate nursing assignments, work with the residents’ families, and report any changes in health status or care.

In charge of all nursing operations are the group home administrators. These are the chief executive officers responsible for overseeing the entire facility, including managing staff, handling budgets, and ensuring patients received the quality care demanded by the law. The criteria to be a group home administrator varies by state, but usually they must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, a current RN licensure, and five to ten years of relevant experience.

Nurses at a group home make a major difference in the care and happiness of residents. Working with Scottsdale senior placement company like Integrity Senior Placement, can ensure that you find the best facility and nurses for you and your loved ones.

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