Finding a good assisted living home in Scottsdale for your family members can be a difficult experience. You want to ensure that your family member will receive the best care and attention possible. A Scottsdale senior living placement company, like Integrity Senior Placement, can help you find the best assisted living facility for your family member. Understanding the red flags that indicate poor care or management of these facilities will also help you find a good place for your loved ones.

Loud noises: Higher functioning organizations tend to be calmer and quieter. This can be particularly troublesome because lots of loud noises, like overhead paging, can agitate patients, especially those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Disrespect from management and staff: Staff members should know the names of residents and respond to them promptly and respectfully. Along with this, staff members who talk to each other more than residents can also indicate a lack of respect from staff.

Unavailable administrators: Administrators should be easy for you to access and be open to your questions. They will be your go-to contact person if you choose to place your loved one in this facility, so you want to make sure this is a person you can trust and speak with easily.

Lack of choices: In a good assisted living home, a resident should have their choice of activities, food, and how to spend their time. A lack of choices and freedom can have a very negative impact on their quality of life once moving to a facility.

Unsafe neighborhood: Residents should have safe access to outdoor spaces because this can have a great impact on their mental health. This space should also be secure so residents cannot get hurt or lost.

Clashing values: Ensure that the assisted living home you choose shares the same values as your loved ones. This could include their philosophy of care, end-of-life approach, and family values.

Understaffing: Understaffing can lead to neglect and greatly impact the care of residents. It can also indicate larger problems at the assisted living home.

Unscheduled visits: You have the right to visit your family member during most times of the day without scheduling ahead of time.

Activities: Activities should be varied and active, including musical activities, bingo, creative activities, and physically active events. Great assisted living homes also allow residents to have a say in the activities they are offered.

Rooms and personal areas: Disheveled or unsanitary rooms or personal areas can indicate neglect and a lack of adequate care for residents.

Signs of poor hygiene: This could mean that residents are not receiving the amount of attention that they need. Look at things such as hair, fingernails, and the state of their clothing.

Frequent injuries/ bedsores: Bruises and broken bones can be an indication of unsafe facilities, such as wet floors, hazards, poor supervision, or even abuse.

Patients seem disoriented: This can be an indication of sedatives being used when facilities are short staffed or personnel don’t have the time or patience to properly take care of residents. They may be used to minimize complaints.

Losing weight/malnourishment: This can be another indicator of neglect or that residents may not be fulfilled while living in this facility.

Missing money/ property: If you suspect that these things are happening in a facility that you have admitted your loved one into, collect as much evidence as possible and take necessary steps to transfer them. If necessary, contact an elder abuse attorney.

While finding a place to put your loved ones can be a scary process, there are steps you can take to ensure that your mom or grandfather are being cared for properly. Senior placement organizations in Scottsdale, like Integrity Senior Placement, are here to help you make that decision as easily and informed as possible, so you can be assured that your loved ones are in a safe and loving environment.

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