When researching assisted living facilities in Scottsdale Arizona, you might find yourself with an endless amount of questions. With so many different choices and aspects to look at, it is easy to become quickly overwhelmed. Working with senior placement companies in Scottsdale, Arizona, like Integrity Senior Placement, can help you find an assisted living facility that helps you answer these questions. You could also use this as a checklist to make sure many of your important questions are answered.

First, ask yourself some of the more general questions, such as…

  • Is this a good location?
  • Does this facility appear clean, safe, fulfilling?
  • Does the decor make it feel like home?
  • Did you receive a warm, polite greeting from those you spoke with?
  • How does the administration and staff treat residents? Do they call them by name?
  • Do they interact with residents?
  • Do residents socialize with one another?
  • Do residents appear comfortable and happy?
  • Are you able to talk to residents about their thoughts on the facility?
  • Do the residents seem like they would be a good community for you/your loved one?
  • Are staff dressed appropriately? Are they friendly and outgoing?
  • Are the staff members friendly to you?
  • Are visitors welcome at any time?
  • Is the facility responsive to the residents’ needs?
  • Are recreational and non-living spaces free of hazards?
  • Do wheelchairs and walkers easily fit in doorways, hallways, and rooms?
  • Are elevators available for those who cannot walk upstairs, if necessary?
  • Are handrails available?
  • Are there other safety features like call buttons?
  • Does the facility meet local and state standards?
  • Does each resident have a written plan of care?
  • How does the facility respond to medical emergencies?
  • Is there an emergency response system that is accessible at all hours?
  • Is an initial assessment of the resident done before they are admitted into the facility?
  • Is there a waitlist? If so, how many people are on it? What is the waiting policy?
  • Is there anything to note on state safety records?

When looking at the individual rooms or apartments, some questions to consider may be…

  • Are cupboards and shelves easy to reach?
  • Are the door mats made of a non-skid material? Is carpet firm to make walking easier?
  • Is there good natural and artificial lighting?
  • Are spaces free of odors or strong smells?
  • Are spaces appropriately heated and cooled?
  • What is the policy on personal property?
  • Are different types and sizes of rooms or apartments available?
  • Do residents have doors that they can lock themselves?
  • Are bathrooms private with handicapped, wheelchair, and walker accommodations?
  • May residents bring their own furniture for their units? If so, what may they bring?
  • What utilities are available within living units?
  • Is a kitchen area or unit available? Does it have a fridge, sink, and cooking capabilities?
  • May residents keep food in their units?
  • May residents smoke in their units and or public spaces?
  • May residents have pets?

Knowing the costs, included fees, and payment options at each facility will likely be a huge part of your decision. Be sure to ask these questions:

  • When may a contract be terminated?
  • What are the refund policies?
  • Are there programs available from the government, private organizations, or corporations that can help cover the cost of services?
  • Are there different costs for different types of services?
  • How do you pay for additional services when they are needed temporarily?
  • What are the billing, paying, and credit policies?
  • Can a resident handle their own finances with staff assistance? Should a family member or outside party do this?
  • What is the policy on insurance?

Many questions will pop up about the care process for residents.

  • When a resident is admitted, how long does it take for their care plan to be written?
  • Are the residents and family members involved in creating the care plan?
  • How does the facility assess a resident’s needs, and is this done on a regular basis?
  • Could a resident be discharged if they do not comply with the care plan?
  • Are additional services available in case a resident’s needs change?
  • What kind of healthcare is available within the facility?

You probably have many important questions about how medicine and care is handled and administered.

  • What is the policy regarding storage of medication, assistance taking medication?
  • Are residents allowed to administer their own medication, if possible?

Questions about staff

  • How is the staff trained and supervised?
  • How is record keeping handled?
  • Are staff members qualified to assist residents who experience loss of memory, orientation, or judgment?
  • Does a physician or nurse regularly provide medical check ups?
  • Is staff available to assist with activities of daily living 24 hours a day?
  • How many staff members are on duty overnight?
  • What is the staff to resident ratio?
  • Is there a nurse on duty at all times?

It is important that assisted living facilities also meet residents’ needs for socialization. Questions you could ask regarding that aspect of each facility are as follows.

  • Are activities organized for residents?
  • For these activities, is there a posted schedule?
  • Are events taking place during your visit?
  • Are there reading materials?
  • What is the policy on visitors?
  • Do residents participate in the surrounding community?
  • Do volunteers and family members come to help with programs?
  • Does the facility require residents to do any chores or participate in specific activities that benefit the assisted living community?
  • Does the residence have pets on site, or have pets that visit the facility?
  • Ask about some of the current residents. Talk to them if possible.
  • Are there outdoor spaces?
  • Is there an activities director?
  • Is there a resident council?
  • Are residents encouraged to get involved? If so, how can they do this?

It is important to make sure you or your loved one are receiving proper nutrition. You may have many questions about food in the facility, such as…

  • Does the facility provide three balanced meals a day, every day?
  • Are snacks available?
  • Is a resident able to request special foods?
  • How are special diets or dietary restrictions addressed?

There are tons of factors to consider when choosing an assisted living facility in Scottsdale Arizona. Many questions will arise before, during, and even after the process of finding a facility for you or your loved one. With Arizona senior placement companies like Integrity Senior Placement, you can narrow down your list of questions and find an assisted living facility that fits your needs well!

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