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How to Find the Right Senior Placement

In the Phoenix metropolitan area, there are a wide variety of senior care options—from in-home care and assisted living communities to senior group homes and memory care facilities. Each care option has its own degree of on-site medical care, assistance with daily living, level of supervision, and unique environment. There is truly the perfect fit for every Phoenix senior! If you are searching for the ideal placement for either yourself or an aging loved one, you need a personal assessment from an experienced placement specialist. You need guidance from one of the compassionate professionals at Integrity Senior Placement!

Getting to Know Your Loved One

At Integrity Senior Placement, we know that finding ideal care for Phoenix area seniors means so much more than just accommodating their physical needs; it requires an understanding of the whole person, including their emotional, social, behavioral, spiritual, and recreational needs. That is why we begin every placement in Maricopa County with a personal assessment of our client. Getting to know our clients is the first step towards finding a placement will treat them with dignity, honor, and respect.

What Does a Personal Assessment Entail?

Integrity Senior Placement’s personal assessments are conducted by David, our placement specialist. David is a former case manager in long-term care, assisted living, hospice, and memory care in and around Phoenix. As such, he has a wealth of experience in conducing personal assessments with seniors to determine their psycho-social needs, overall health, and unique circumstances. During the personal assessment, David will ask you or your loved one a series of questions about topics such as:

Physical Health:

Are there any illnesses or conditions that we should be aware of? What level of medical care will your loved one need to stay healthy and happy? Senior placements in Phoenix range from independent living communities with limited on-site medical care, to inpatient facilities with round-the-clock nursing.

Mental & Behavioral Health:

Does your loved one have any mental health concerns that require special support? Is he or she experiencing memory loss, depression, anxiety, or behavioral disruptions as a result of advancing dementia? David will find a Phoenix area placement that accommodates your loved one’s mental and behavioral health needs, so that they can thrive in their new home.


It is important that whatever placement you choose is safe and secure. David will assess how much supervision your loved one needs to prevent falls and other incidents that could cause harm. Integrity Senior Placement works with facilities that offer minimal supervision for independent seniors, as well as facilities that offer 24/7 support for those that require significant care.

Assistance with Daily Living:

During the personal assessment, David will also determine how much assistance your loved one needs during various activities of daily living, including feeding, bathing, toileting, and basic housekeeping. Integrity Senior Placement will find a Phoenix area facility that provides as much or as little support required to live life to the fullest.


Most seniors want a placement that is conveniently located to family and friends. Integrity Senior Placement will recommend a new home in whichever part of the Phoenix metropolitan area your loved one is comfortable in.

Social & Recreational Needs:

Integrity Senior Placement is committed to securing a placement that keeps your loved one happy! David will ask about your loved one’s social and recreational needs and use this information to recommend a facility that he or she will find fulfilling. Integrity Senior Placement only partners with Phoenix senior living facilities that offer enriching social activities, guided outings, and opportunities for community building.

Financial Situation:

David will also assess your loved one’s financial circumstances and insurance provider. Regardless of your financial situation, Integrity Senior Placement will find a high-quality placement. You will never have to sacrifice quality of care for affordability!


How quickly does your loved one need to find a senior placement in the Phoenix metropolitan area? Whether it is a matter of weeks, days, or hours, Integrity Senior Placement will accommodate your timeline!

Is Memory Care Right for My Loved One?

Are you struggling to care for a parent, relative, or friend who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or exhibits signs of memory loss? Do you worry about leaving your loved one alone at home, for fear they will become lost or confused? Is memory loss preventing your loved one from fulfilling activities of daily living, such as eating regular meals or taking medications? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, memory care might be appropriate.

To schedule a free assessment and learn more about the wonderful memory care facilities in the Phoenix metropolitan area, contact Integrity Senior Placement today


As your loved one ages and requires special care, it can be hard to know who to turn to. Integrity Senior Placement is here to guide you every step of the way.

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