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What is the cost of your services?
We are a FREE service and resource to you and the community. We are compensated by existing contracts we have established with Senior Care Communities, Assisted Living communities, Independent Living Communities, Memory care , and Assisted Living Homes (Group Homes). The price we negotiate DOES NOT affect the price you pay for your loved one. Further, we are required by the state of Arizona to provide a disclosure to each client regarding how we get paid.

An assisted living situation fits the needs of individuals with different levels of medical needs. Personal needs are another aspect of assisted living. Typically these communities have apartments, rooms, or are in an apartment like setting, and provide medically trained personnel to assist residence. These facilities promote the “aging in place” concept” and offer a variety of amenities to assist residence in maintaining independence.

A Group Home or Assisted Living Community is a home setting environment in various communities under licensure by the state. They may perform up to Directed Level of care for a resident living in the home and can stay until end of life. The home is managed my licensed medical professionals. Caregiver ratios are lower in Group Homes – typically one caregiver to 5 resident ratio. A group home is a smaller version of a larger Assisted Living facility with more one-on-one care.

The determining factor in cost is driven by an individual’s “level of care needs”, and budget requirements.

Most communities have an set entrance fee which could range from $500 to $7500.

Monthly rate are determined by a set monthly rental fee with level of care costs added onto this monthly rate. Communities use a point system or a level of care tier structure. Total monthly fees could range between $2500 and $10,000 Memory Care rates are a higher rate due to level of care needs. These facilities could range from $4500 to 10,000.

Assisted Living Group Homes could range from $2000 for a semi-private room up to $10,000, and typically have a deposit fee of $500.00 to $2500.00

The criteria we use for placement are: Level of Care needs, Budget requirements, and Location.

We complete a full psycho-social evaluation on each individual we place. This includes all current medical needs and the individuals social well being requests. We will review the options available based upon this evaluation and provide CHOICES.

We typically conduct financial interview asking if person has a Long Term Care Policy, verify monthly income and other assets. Further we discuss possibilities of obtaining admission onto Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS), and review whether an individual could qualify for Military benefits. We advise families on financial planning for the placement and recommend options should they need further assistance.

Lastly, we ask the individual/family what area they would like us to concentrate our search for a new home. We typically ask for a mile radius to assist us in our search.

There are occasions when an individual may require another placement. Examples:
  • Individual experiencing extreme “behaviors”
  • Changes in personal finances
  • Level of Care Changes due to a disease progression
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s patients requiring more one-on-one care
Integrity Senior Placement offers senior living placement in the Phoenix metropolitan area and elsewhere in Arizona. We support seniors and their families in the following areas


As your loved one ages and requires special care, it can be hard to know who to turn to. Integrity Senior Placement is here to guide you every step of the way.

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