One of the reasons choosing a senior living facility in Phoenix, Arizona is so stressful is because there are so many options to choose from. There are many different facilities designed to suit a variety of patients and residents. Working with senior placement organizations in Phoenix, like Integrity Senior Placements, can make this decision a little easier and help you figure out what kind of facility best fits your needs.

Independent living apartments are intended for seniors who don’t need any personal or medical assistance but would like to live by other seniors with similar interests. In many of these facilities, residents can take advantage of community events like field trips, shopping trips, and projects. These are not licensed or regulated.

Adult homes, on the other hand, are licensed and regulated for temporary or long-term residence by adults who are unable to live independently. These facilities usually include supervision, personal care, housekeeping, and three meals a day for residents.

Enriched housing is similar to adult homes but residents, usually seniors, live in independent units. They offer a minimum of one meal a day and are licensed by the state department of health.

Family type homes are facilities that have long-term residential care, housekeeping, and supervision for a small group of adults. These homes are overseen by the Department of Social Service.

Assisted Living Programs are an alternative to nursing homes for elderly people who need help with daily routines, but don’t need 24 hour care. These programs provide room and board, case management, and skilled nursing services. These programs usually accept Medicaid, supplemental security income, and home relief recipients.

Continuing care retirement communities or lifecare communities are campuses that include a variety of facilities and programs, from assisted living to group homes. These communities might be ideal because a resident can move from one level of care to the next as their needs change. This makes the transition to a group home easier because residents are able to stay in familiar surroundings.

A nursing home or skilled nursing facility is a 24 hour hour care facility for people who can no longer live independently. Medical professionals provide specialized care for seniors with severe illness or injuries. These staff members assist residents with their daily activities, like bathing, eating, laundry, and housekeeping. Some facilities may specialize in short term care while others are long term. There are options available to help pay for this care, depending on what type of care is required. For example, some government programs will help pay for skilled nursing care, but not in-home care.

Memory care is a specialized type of care for individuals with dementia. In these facilities, the staff to resident ratio is lower to ensure a higher level of care is met. Staff is trained to handle cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and physical needs, as well as needs associated with dementia. Security is also increased in these facilities and external access is restricted to prevent wandering. Different types of activities are organized, with not as many activities outside the facility. Memory care is usually more expensive than other kinds of facilities.

Adult day care is also an option. This may refer to adult day social care or adult day medical care. Social care provides seniors with supervision and care in a structured setting during weekdays and daytime hours. This is intended to give informal family caregivers a break to go to work and relieve them from caregiving responsibilities. Many activities, meals, assistance, and sometimes therapies are offered. Some of these centers also specialize in dementia care. Adult day health care is similar in that it provides everything social care does, along with medical services similar to those in group homes.

Many options are available for seniors looking to transition into this part of their lives. Depending on the circumstances, some facilities will be more suitable, and with the help of senior placement organizations in Phoenix, like Integrity Senior Placement, finding the right facility for you and your loved ones can be much easier.

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