October, 2020 | Integrity Senior Placement | Phoenix Arizona Senior Living Placement

Different Types of Senior Care Facilities in Phoenix, AZ

One of the reasons choosing a senior living facility in Phoenix, Arizona is so stressful is because there are so many options to choose from. There are many different facilities designed to suit a variety of patients and residents. Working with senior placement organizations in Phoenix, like Integrity Senior Placements, […]

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Why Choose a Group Home in Scottsdale, Arizona?

The subject of elder care brings up a lot of questions that are confusing and difficult to sift through. Is putting your loved ones in a long-term care facility in Scottsdale, Arizona even the best option? In a lot of cases, it might be. Working with senior a senior living […]

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What to Expect When Moving to a Phoenix Arizona Group Home

Moving to a Phoenix, Arizona group home can be a major transition for seniors and family members alike. This can be a difficult transition because you are giving up direct oversight of the health and safety of your loved one, while they are transitioning to the next part of their […]

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What It’s Like To Put A Loved One In a Phoenix Group Home

Putting a loved one in a Phoenix, Arizona group home is not an easy task at all. For many, it’s a complicated and difficult decision to make, with lots of intense emotions accompanying it. Working with a senior placement company in Phoenix, like Integrity Senior Placement, can make the technical […]

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The Emotional Impact of Moving to a Scottsdale, AZ Group Home

Moving to a assisted living facility in Scottsdale, Arizona can be a major and difficult transition for many seniors and families. The emotional impact can be hard to handle for many people. While this is a major transition, senior placement organizations in Scottsdale, like Integrity Senior Placement, can help make […]

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Arizona Assisted Living Home Organizations

When it comes to a group home in Arizona, health and safety are top priorities for residents. That’s why there are many organizations and advocacy groups that you can turn to if you need help with anything in a group home. Senior placement organizations in Phoenix, like Integrity Senior Placement, […]

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Who to Contact For Help? Arizona Group Home Residents

A group home in Scottsdale, AZ  is a place where residents should feel safe and receive high quality care. Their families should have peace of mind that their loved ones are getting all the help and care that they need and have an enhanced quality of life. Scottsdale-based senior placement […]

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Medicare & Medicaid in Arizona: What’s The Difference?

The process of finding a group home in Phoenix, Arizona for yourself or your loved one can be an extremely daunting and painful process. Not to mention, confusing. Phoenix-based senior placement companies, like Integrity Senior Placement, aim to make this process easier by providing you with useful information. One of […]

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What People Are Saying

  • Integrity Placement exceeded our expectations. We called with an urgent need to relocate our 88 year old mother with advanced Parkinson’s disease, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, and a heart condition to a safe, capable and conducive environment. Having changed ownership and management, her then current facility had dramatically declined, replaced administration with unethical leadership, and become an elder-care warehouse. David listened to our list of needs, our experiences, and our hopes. Within a week Integrity Placement had researched potential fits, contacted AND prepared several to address our needs, guided us through on-site reviews, and helped us walk through the decision process. Every alternative we visited was exceptional and prepared to address our specific financial and medical needs. We found a match a could not be happier or more relieved.

    - Steven F( Phoenix Arizona, Memory Care Placement )
  • Reina is truly our guardian angel. Fortunately, she was referred to me to help find a placement for my brother who was being discharged from a north Scottsdale facility at a moments notice. Having to deal with a facility and insurance who don’t have your loved ones best interest at heart is maddening. I was panicked. Reina calmed my fears and was instrumental in finding a wonderful placement for Joe. She stayed connected with me during the entire process and continues to be a part of our lives. I appreciate her and the value of Integrity Placement and know this transition went as smoothly as it did because of Reina. Her dedication to her clients and families, her knowledge, honesty, patience, and professionalism are truly incredible. I can’t thank Reina enough for how much she helped our family.

    - Colleen D( North Scottsdale, Arizona Senior Placement )
  • The folks at Integrity Placement can be described in one word – AMAZING! They made an extremely difficult and overwhelming situation very easy for our family. We had to place our mom in an assisted living situation very quickly. Both David and Reina were awesome – extremely responsive and compassionate. David helped us find a place that is a wonderful new home for our mom. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone!!

    - Toni M( Phoenix, AZ Assisted Living Placement )
  • Reina from Integrity Placement was excellent in guiding us through the process of appropriately placing our loved one in assisted living. She worked closely with the centers we toured, was punctual and valued our time commitments. Throughout this process she was efficient, accessible and professional. She truly cares about her clients and is very supportive. Thank you Reina!

    - Jeannie C.( Scottsdale, AZ Senior Assisted Living Placement )
  • David is amazing to work with. He made a huge difference in a very difficult time for our family. We were amazed at his efficiency in finding options for care homes and couldn’t have found such a wonderful option without his guidance. But most of all, his kindness and warmth was everything to us. We will remain forever grateful.

    - Anna & Jeff K( Phoenix, Arizona Assisted Living Placement )